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  In August 1998,Stormy and Holly first met. It was the beginning of
a very special friendship.
Some days later, they composed a song just for fun. Accidentaly, this song made it in the charts on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Stormy and Holly went on composing. The Blue Medicine Music was born.

Blue Medicine Music is music medicine for cleaning our souls,
for cleaning our aura and for freeing our spirits.
The music will set moods, let your spirit travel.
Allows one to feel the inner emotions, and yet move one physically to
the natural heartbeat of Mother Earth.
The lyrics speak of sacredness, spirituality, reality, brotherhood, love,
hate, happiness and sadness.... human emotions.
Very often words and music are created spontaneously using guitars, nature sounds,
Native American instruments and the mood of the moment.
We all get a little blue sometimes.
Listen, heal yourself. Music for all that lives on the only
blue planet in the Universe.

- Hörproben -
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"Change Akustik Session"

"Mercy On The People"



Indian Groove

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